GLBT Historical Society

Inspired by the culture of the surrounding area, this building is both expressive and changeable. From night to day, season to season, a different personality is evident. Rotating graphics, layering of structure, and lighting effects combine to reinforce this concept. Darkness reveals the glow of the residential units above the powerfully placed architectural signage. Light penetrates through a layering of glass types, creating movement and reinforcing the individuality of the structure and its components. 

The building will serve as a flagship location for the GLBT Historical Society whose presence is heightened through large-scale retail signage. The retail façade explores the interplay and contrast between hi-tech and low-tech display methods. The exhibits and information of the GLBTs museum will be dynamically displayed on reverse projection screens and screen prints. The changing graphics amplify the dramatic presence of the building, on a prominent corner in San Francisco's Castro district.

location San Francisco, CA