Mint Lofts - Private Residence 2

This luxury penthouse unit with a private roof deck is intended to be used as both a primary residence and also as a nightclub on several occasions throughout the year. The dual program for this space precipitated a themed design. Fire and Water are the two key themes inserted in the space in the form of a 6 long custom fireplace and water fountains both inside the unit and on the roof. The themes are reinforced visually in the form of special lighting and video effects throughout the space. The primary architectural gesture in the space is a single stringer, open riser staircase clad entirely in Corian. The fluidity of the stair design, and its integration into the kitchen counter and stair penthouse, reinforce the various real and virtual references to liquid throughout the space. The centralized location of the stair, its finish materials, and lighting techniques make it the primary dynamic visual effect during a nightclub event. 

location San Francisco, CA