West Hollywood Signage - Westime

The Westime signage project was submitted to the City of West Hollywood's Design Excellence Committee as part of their Off-site Signage Program. The Off-site Signage Program seeks to ensure high-quality signage projects that are highly creative and contextual to Sunset Blvd., with a focus on art and community benefit, to attract visitors to the Sunset Strip. Our design proposes a vision that re-imagines and re-sizes traditional billboard design, creating an instantly iconic enhancement to the environment it joins, without disrupting its surroundings. 

Our pair of digital displays, set above the Westime building in V-formation, is elegantly framed by programmable digital LED boards, and hinged by a cylinder of illuminated LED rings encasing another digital LED board. A street-level Kiosk, mimicking the cylindrical architecture of its counterpart above, simulates a feeling of continuity, drawing the eye from the ground to the displays above and vice versa. The inclusion of LED façade lighting, behind the building’s perforated metal strip, ties the various parts of the sign together with synchronized illumination effects. 

The street-level Kiosk is our commitment to creating a space where community-focused messaging and art can be displayed in an eye-catching, impactful way. Proportionately scaled, and beautifully lit, the Kiosk is home to a digital canvas that can broadcast a variety of content, from PSA’s and emergency alerts to special events and cultural affairs.

Typology West Hollywood, CA