West Hollywood Signage - The Double Curve

The Double Curve signage project was submitted to the City of West Hollywood's Design Excellence Committee as part of their Off-site Signage Program. The Off-site Signage Program seeks to ensure high-quality signage projects that are highly creative and contextual to Sunset Blvd., with a focus on art and community benefit, to attract visitors to the Sunset Strip. 

Approached from any direction, visitors will enter a multi-faceted and endlessly activated community gathering spot, centered by a 360-degree performance stage situated underneath the sign, and a

surrounding collage of additional eye-catching features. Embracing suggestions made by the Committee, the base of the sign now sits several yards from the property line to create an engaging pavilion that extends the sidewalk inward from the street and creates the gathering space that the City was looking for. Together with the curved greenwalls and waterfall walls, the elevated stage and architectural supports of the sign effectively screen the street view of what lies


Our project honors the diversity of WEHO’s community by providing a unique and robust digital art/information experience as a means to exhibit local art, share community events, promote the work of various local non-profit organizations, and provide emergency messaging.

West Hollywood, CA