The Palms

As one of the largest single residential buildings in San Francisco, this 550,000 sf, nine-story project comprises 300 residences, street-level retail and parking for over 300 cars. The parking, placed on three levels above grade to avoid high-water levels in the soils, has been "wrapped" with residential units facing the streets to help conceal the mass of the parking structure. In addition to the main entrance, there are side-street access points to help generate pedestrian traffic and enhance security around the building. This building received the San Francisco Business Times award for Best Market Rate Residential Project. 

The courtyard, having received the CLCA Award for Excellence in Landscaping, features tall palms giving foliage to units 6 floors above street level. These rise from large-scaled illuminated concrete pots surrounded by sidewalks meandering between earthwork berms that give privacy to the court-level units.

location San Francisco, CA