Hunters Point Shipyard – Block 51

The Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment constitutes a complete transformation and revitalization of a long underutilized section of the City. IB+A's design seeks to bridge the gap between traditional San Francisco architecture and the industrial vernacular that is characteristic of the Shipyards historic structures. First, the Donahue façade is more urban in nature and can be characterized by a regular provision of San Francisco bay windows. These bays, however, are clad in more industrial materials and thus reference the industrial past of the Shipyard. Second, the Friedell façade has been conceived as being no less urban but definitively more residential in its relationship to the street. Residential stoops and more textured materials line the street wall. The massing of this façade is more assertive and consciously references the forms and scales of the industrial buildings in the area. 

location San Francisco, CA