City of West Hollywood Signage - Cylinder

Developed in response to an RFP released by the City of West Hollywood, the CYLINDER concept is a departure from the typical rectilinear signage forms present along the rest of the Sunset Strip. The curved face of the structure would be an aluminum skin bonded to an acrylic shell, whose pattern was inspired by the City’s street grid, dotted by the many “stars” that reside there. This skin would be internally illuminated with color-changing LEDs at night to create a dramatic glowing tower. The digital sign face, measuring 20’ wide by 50’ tall, follows the curvature of the skin, creating a visual break from the cacophony of other signs. The static, backlit face is a flat sign inset into this tower, measuring 12’ wide by 41.5’ high. The vertical format of the signage is meant to stand out from the horizontal orientation of the other signs most closely located to this site. The Cylinder is meant to be a beacon of light to help guide visitors to the Sunset Strip.