377 2nd Street

This 96-unit condominium project provides a mix of on and two-bedroom flats and two-story lofts over a ground-floor retail level. Designed as an infill project positioned across two differing development zones, the building responds to the warehouse context while also acknowledging the adjacent historic market center. The two mid-rise structures are joined in the center by a glass and steel sky-bridge providing panoramic views of the bay area for all residents. The exposed architectural concrete structural frame and double-height floor-to-ceiling industrial sash windows serve as contemporary references to the context and character of the project's historic warehouse district location. 

The primary sustainable features are:

- "green" roof

- natural cooling and ventilation systems for the units

- grey-water recycling for irrigation

- low VOC building products

- fly-ash content in the concrete aggregate

- high recycled content in room furnishings and fixtures

photo-voltaic panels for site lighting

location Oakland, CA