Osprey Landing

Osprey Landing and Osprey Island comprise two distinct elements in one eco-resort. The Landing includes 42 timeshare condominium units while the Island, literally a floating structure, consists of a 44-room Inn, restaurant and bar, spa, conference facilities, and an eco-focused learning center. Attached to the main complex is a marina and boathouse for joint use by the local schools. This unique development is designed to exist in harmony with the lakes ecosystem, allowing visitors and residents to appreciate the areas natural beauty, and experience the wetland and shoreline ecosystems. The buildings themselves will showcase sustainable technologies and design strategies that conserve natural resources.

Osprey Landing was a finalist for the Hospitality Design Magazine Awards for Best Unbuilt Project. 

Location Lakesport, CA
Size: 159,000 SF
Units: 86
Construction Cost: $35,000,000
Hospitality design: 2007 awards finalist - unbuilt project