State Density Bonus Project Submission is Complimented by City Planner

MAR 30, 2021

IB+A prides itself on the completeness, thoroughness, and accuracy of its drawings, as well as the level of service given to each client. We believe these are paramount to our success. 

After reviewing IB+A's response to the Plan Check Letter for the State Density Bonus project 2588 Mission, San Francisco Planner Monica Giacomucci asked Land Use Attorney Ashley Breakfield to pass along her compliments regarding IB+A's submission. Compliments such as below demonstrate why almost 100% of our work comes from repeat or referral clients.

“I just had a check-in meeting with our planner, Monica Giacomucci...She wanted me to pass along the message that the IB+A drawings that we submitted were incredibly complete and helpful (and much better than what she’s seeing right now for other projects she’s reviewing), and she asked me to thank the IB+A team for their work on those. So, good work IB+A!”

                                                   Ashley E. Breakfield, Senior Associate, Farella, Braun, + Martel LLP

The 2588 Mission project utilizes the California State Density Bonus Law to create 182 residential units in a 10 story building, with ground floor retail and community spaces, and parking for 130 bicycles.

The submission included data and design documents for both the Base and Bonus projects.

Along with the design documents IB+A, in its role as Project Team Coordinator, also assisted in preparing the following:

          • Application for Article 38 Compliance Assessment

          • 2020 GHG Checklist

          • Changes between Prior Project Application and Current Scheme

          • Construction Information Worksheet

          • Construction Schedule

          • Memo re Concessions Incentives and Waivers

          • Revised Project Application

          • Revised Individually Requested SDB Program Supplemental Application

          • Revised Project Description and Findings

          • TDM Application 

For additional project imagery and information follow the link below:

Project Page